Here are some events, which Curly people can participate. Events organized by Curly Coated Retriever Club of Finland are marked with its logo.
If you would like to have information on some event on this page, please send details to the webmaster. Please note that shows can be found from the show calendar and tests from the test calendars.

Calendar, updated 7.3.2022

23.4.2022 Working Test NOWT
Working test (NOWT) will be organized in Tammela, Porras. Judges are Mr Petteri Hirvonen and Mr Esa Schön. More information in the the test calendar of FRA.

18.6.2022 Field Qualification Test
Field qualification test (GWCC) will be organized in near Kajaani. Judge is Sanna Rönty. More information in the the test calendar of FRA.

18.-19.6.2022 Blood Tracking Championships
Championship test will be held in Ruotsinpyhtää. For more information, please email meja(at)

15.7.2022 Rally-obedience Championships
Rally-obedience Championships will be organized in Kaarina, Hostel Tuorla (outside). For more information please email leiri(at)

15.-17.7.2022 Curly Weekend
Main event of the curly people in Finland is held in the Western Finland in Tuorla guest house , Kaarina. During the extended weekend you can participate e.g. training sessions and speciality show. For more information please email leiri(at)

16.7.2022 Club Championship Show 
The official speciality show for curly coated retrievers is held in Tuorla, Kaarina. There is also a separate show for puppies. Judge is Mr Frank Kane from UK. Reserve judge Rosa Agostini, IT. For more information please see closer the show the Championship Show page or email nayttely(at)

18.-19.9.2022 Curly Field Trial
Curly Field Trial will be organized near Hämeenlinna, in Parola. On Saturday is beginner class and on  Sunday open and winner classes. Judge is Juha Tenhunen. More information in the the test calendar of FRA. You can also email nome(at) for more information.